Swing Improvement

The average handicap has not improved significantly over the last 25 years, even as golf ball and club technology continue to improve. This is because most amateurs do not improve their swing. One of the biggest problems that most amateurs make in their quest to improve their swing is to try one 'tip' after another. But if you haven't diagnosed the problem and what is causing it, the tip may actually create more problems instead of correcting it. I believe that the best way to improve your golf game is through proper analysis of your swing and instruction on how to correct any swing flaws.

Having video, force plate data and radar data all together makes Swing Catalyst a powerful tool for me. The complete picture is painted quickly for the coach. Change is measurable and identifiable, and the data is always around to go back to; whether you're needing to get back to something or further away from it. It's been a great tool for me as well as quality control of sorts for my message.


"It's not that people can't perform the move, they just can't feel it."

-Ben Hogan