Club fitting

In the days before cast club, one would go to a Golf Professional, and take your forged clubs, and have them fit to your swing. You would take each club and place a piece of tape on the bottom of each club and swing it over a piece of plywood. You would bend the club until the lie angle of the club was rubbing the plywood evenly between the heel and the toe. 

I don't like to fit to compensate for someone's swing flaws. If I have someone that golf's 4 times a year, and is not going to try to improve his game, I will fit him with clubs to compensate for his swing flaws. But if I fit someone with compensated clubs that is going to work on their swing, as their swing improves, their ball flight go offline, which will actually encourage them to not make improvements in their swing. 

What I like to do is fit for the clubs, order the clubs, and then refit with the new clubs to make sure they are what is expected. I think that shaft flex, weight, feel (swing weight) and consistency throughout the set is the most important aspect in a set of clubs.