K-Vest Analysis = Results

The K-VEST™ allows my students to climb into the experience of what actually occurs during their swing. The technology makes it possible for me to capture and measure physical motion in real time, identify swing faults, and then use the same technology to effortlessly and precisely communicate the correct movements to my students.” 

The byproduct of over 16 years of research conducted by PGA Tour Instructor Michael Bentley in conjunction with many leaders in the field of human motion, the K-VEST™ uses three wireless sensors strategically placed on the golfer's hip, shoulder and hand. The sensors communicate with the KINESYNC™ software on a laptop computer to display live 3-D animation and video. 

The system’s precise methodology is achieved by its rapid delivery of detailed visual pictures. A human eye sees 15 frames per second and a two-dimensional video image captures 60 frames per second. The K-VEST™ captures at 120 frames per second, preserving details that are impossible to see without it. 

Initially my students are overwhelmingly stunned when they practice the movement watching the screen as they swing. For example, if the student's posture at address is off, I can set the program to a precise posture measurements I want the student to take. If the student achieves the posture perfectly, the image on the computer screen turns green and it gives them a guide tone. If the student does not accomplish the posture as programmed, the image turns red and the tone goes away. It is amazing to watch as students respond to the images and correct their errors. 

This system was a significant investment for my program. But it is helping me to communicate more effectively with my students, which helps them to progress faster and with more understanding about their own golf swing. And as an instructor, this is what makes my job rewarding – to see my students enjoyment of the game increase and their competitive skills



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Through innovative wireless technology, the K-VEST is revolutionizing how physical motion is measured and optimum performance is achieved. The K-VEST consists of three lightweight wireless sensors, strategically placed on a golfer’s hips, shoulders, and hand. The hardware is powered by KINESYNC™, a revolutionary motion analysis software that combines animation and swing data to offer a 3D view of an athlete’s movement. K-VEST makes it possible to capture physical motion in real time, identify inefficiencies and immediately communicate the correct movements in real-time via live animation. Below are some sample screen shots.

Bad Posture

Bad Backswing

Bad Downswing

Bad Impact

Good Posture

Good Backswing

Good Downswing

Good Impact





Kinetic Chain - The Key

Integrating science-based principles into sports training has objectively improved the performance of the modern athlete while reducing the risk of injury. With the integration of wireless motion technology, sports performance can now be immediately improved by enhancing the kinetic link, the exciting secret to the future of sports performance. The kinetic link is a relatively new principle that will change the way coaches and athletes approach motion training. The kinetic link can be summarized as the body's ability to create maximum speed and power by properly sequencing body movement. The main objective is to efficiently transfer energy from the ground, through the body, and into the ball to achieve maximum velocity at the point of impact. 

The kinetic link principal allows me to analyze the true cause and effects of physical movement to provide my students with the simplest, most effective ways to correct inefficiencies. With the application of innovative wireless technology and proprietary motion software, Bentley Kinetics makes it possible to capture motion in real time, identify inefficiencies, and immediately communicate the correct movements. As a result, Bentley Kinetics is revolutionizing how physical motion is measured, and optimum performance is achieved.